07 October 2008

Quips from Opposition Leaders re Harper Economic Plan

Elizabeth May:
"He's offering tariff reductions to industries that can’t afford to import machinery, just as he’s generously given tax cuts to businesses that have no profits to tax. If this wasn’t such a serious matter, Mr. Harper’s policies would be a joke."

Stephane Dion:
"Mr. Harper showed his true colours today by saying that the current market conditions had created ‘some great buying opportunities'.... Mr. Harper said today that it is no time to change boats in a storm. But Mr. Harper has been asleep at the helm. We need to change the captain and his crew." [My emphasis]

That quote from Harper sickens me.

Who would be the people able to capitalize on these "great buying opportunities"? Not I. Not the increasing number of individuals and families whose household incomes are below or plummeting disastrously close to the poverty line.

And the "great buying opportunities" come at the cost of some of the most poorly-strapped Canadians, including seniors. The losses have been to their nest eggs. Therefore, many of those who invested in mutual funds and were reliant on them as a form of income support have nothing left with which to invest or take back what they've lost.

The headline of another Liberal media release caught my eye in the context of a CBC.ca headline. The juxtaposition of the two is hilarious.
Liberal headline: "Conservatives ditch censorship provision in a panic."
CBC headline: "'This prime minister isn't going to panic': Harper to Mansbridge."

Jack Layton:
No press release from them yet. No doubt there'll be a goodie or two to add here, once it does come out.

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