26 October 2008

"Canadian Retailers Slash Prices" - NOT

Told you so!

You have to read to almost the end of this supposedly good news story to get to this part:

An online search showed that many Canadian retailers are already reacting to the current position of the Canadian dollar for big ticket items - and some of the deals aren't particularly enticing for bargain hunters.

Best Buy Canada has marked down a large portion of its flat panel inventory, though it's still cheaper to buy many of the TVs stateside.

A 37" Sharp Aquos television is sale priced at about C$2,000 in Canada while it's going for about C$1,725 (US$1,350) in the United States... And a glimpse at both the U.S. and Canadian Amazon websites show that many of the top selling books aren't much of a deal either.

Which all sums up to business-as-usual and this advice to consumers: Caveat emptor.

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