13 October 2008

Nanosophy: May likely hurt Green breakthrough

There's no doubt that the oblique and not-so-oblique comments uttered by May which urged Green supporters to vote Liberal or NDP or Bloc - but, by extrapolation, NOT Green - will prevent what likely would have been a Green Party breakthrough this election.

Nik Nanos (PDF), the pollster whose work and methodology I most respect, would seem to agree.

Elizabeth May will likely preside over the best showing for the Green Party of Canada in terms of the aggregate number of Green votes. Getting into the leaders' debate represented a breakthrough for the party but it is unknown what type of negative impact she had on Green Party support by telling Green voters to cast their ballot for the Liberals. [my emphasis]

I think May's negative impact on GPC support will outweigh any gains. Her intentional (?) obfuscations and duplicity have perplexed, frustrated and finally angered this Green Party supporter.

There's a GPC convention shortly after tomorrow's election... Should be interesting... Wish I could go.

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