12 October 2008

Fishy: Scrutineers given possession of ballot boxes?

This is scary news. We are used to seeing such things reported from the U.S. and other countries, but not from within Canada.

Police in Quebec City are investigating the disappearance of three ballot boxes from an advance poll held early last week in a city riding.

The scrutineers took the boxes home, but when they were returned, three boxes containing hundreds of votes were missing.

Media reports Saturday also said the seals had been broken on some of the boxes.

Elections Canada had asked the scrutineers to take the boxes home with them, but then ordered the boxes to be returned to the local returning officer when media reports revealed the broken seals...

One serious question to ask: Why would scrutineers have been given possession of ballot boxes in the first place?

Scrutineers are party representatives, specifically representatives of their party's candidate in a given riding. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!

Let's hope the RCMP get to the bottom of this quickly. Or, as one commenter astutely noted, perhaps it's best to leave the investigation to Elections Canada.

The RCMP? Well, 'tis not so corruption-free or trustworthy itself lately.

See more recent post for an update.

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