02 October 2008

My Scarred Heart

This came after reading a book review* in Herizons Magazine about a creative writer telling her students to write about their scars for ten minutes.

So I wrote.

My Scarred Heart

My scarred heart,
Is it art?

The sad demise of my father
left a scar,
seeping sorrow.
A criminally induced abortion,
criminally induced
by rape
cries for forgiveness
while two miscarriages weep
for never having been seen.
The wound of a failed marriage wraps barbed wire
around my fragile beating orb.
Loud lament of women
send pinpricks of pain
like buckshot fired at feeding deer.

Despite the wounds,
the dissipating anguish
my beating, bloodied blob beats on.
Still, there is room for
as it heals and cradles
all the wretchedness
with loving kindness.

My heart
scarred art.

* The review, which appeared in the Fall 2008 issue of Herizons Magazine, was written by Lisa Tremblay. It was of Natalie Goldberg's book Old Friend From Far Away.

Here is Natalie Goldberg talking about her writing process and her latest book.

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