05 October 2008

Ugh... Am exhausted... Is it over yet?

Well, the title about says it.

Don't know how the candidates can bear it. The vast majority of them must be extroverts, the 60-odd per cent of the population that is energized by being in a room full of people.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true for introverts, of which I am one. Other folks exhaust us, not because we don't like people (most of us do), but because we invest so much of OUR energy into any exchange with another person - the Other becomes our sole focus of attention.

Even engaging with people online doesn't seem to help, although I thought that imposing a faceless barrier would.

How candidates can get hyped about the issues no matter how many times they have to repeat the same old thing also boggles this tired brain.

I canna do it day in, day out, without a break in between. And frankly, I get BORED with having to say and think the same thing over and over and over... Although I recognize the necessity of that if we're going to get our message out to as many people as possible.

So, what do you think? Are you just as frazzled as I am? Or are you just getting started?

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