28 October 2008

Housing: Dreaming a Tumbleweed house

All I've ever wanted is a tiny house, on a piece of land large enough to grow my own veggies and fruit, a place where no one can tell me I can't keep Kiltie and Brodie.

And everytime I pass by a dilapidated or unused tool shed or garage, I think again of my dream.

Or when a post like the one John wrote today reminds me to visit one of my favourite bookmarks: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Below is a photo of the Epu.

It's 89 square feet, the second smallest model of Tumbleweed homes and the one in which the owner of Tumbleweed lives.

Tumbleweed homes range from 65 to 774 square feet.

Can't describe the yearning I feel to have something like that. My very own little house in which there's no question that I can keep my cats and on land which can ensure there's enough nutritious food to eat.

The cost of land prohibits the dream from coming true.

Even if a similar rental situation came up - e.g., there are one-room, low-income cottages for the 55+ nearby -, the likelihood is strong I wouldn't be allowed to keep my cats, as is the case at Crescent Cottages.

That is a non-starter for people who need the companionship of pets.

So now, as I approach retirement with disabilities which limit my employment prospects, there's no question I'll remain a renter for the rest of my life. And as such I'll always be under threat of having to move, as conditions change according to owners' whims. :-(

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