01 February 2009

All better!

... and our household returns to normal.

Kiltie had a serious bladder infection up to a week ago and didn't manage well on either of the two antibiotics prescribed to her. Hence, she had diarrhea or loose stools all the way through the three-week period. Poor wee thing!

The first four photos are of Kiltie on her way to recovery. Sleeping, finally, after spending far too many days unable to rest much at all.

The second set shows friend Brodie also to have recovered. He was terribly worried, as was the human, throughout Kiltie's ordeal. Now Kiltie is back to keeping a watchful, and in this case a very sleepy, eye on Brodie.

If you click on the first thumbnail (top left), that will open up my Picassa album which shows the larger view. Then clicking right arrow in the album will bring up the other photos.

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