06 February 2009

Selling the Island

A private timber company is selling the Island....to developers.
A major timber company that owns about 11 per cent of Vancouver Island is moving into the real estate market in a big way.

TimberWest Forest Corp. has hired Vancouver property market guru Bob Rennie to help the company sell 54,000 hectares of land — 540 square kilometres — from Victoria to Campbell River.

The eager real estate agent says it is "one of the biggest deal he has ever been involved in" and that he doesn't think there "is anything like this in North America".

The article is written in such a way as to make it sound as if it is going to be nothing but good for the communities whose lands abut the denuded forest acreages.

Alas, the real motive is profit: for the timber company, the real estate agents and the developers. The communities that make up the uniqueness that is Vancouver Island will be no more.

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