16 February 2009

CRTC - Still Guarding the Gate of Western Propaganda

Have written previously about the CRTC's predilection for guarding the gate of Western propaganda.
Apparently, the illustrious personages of the CRTC fear that Canadians might be done irreparable harm if they were subjected to Al-Jazeera news reports. Such care for Canadians' moral health and fortitude does not extend to the propaganda spewed forth by the likes of Bill O'Reilly.

In this excellent interview with The Tyee, Tony Burman, new head of Al Jazeera English, describes the rapid rise of Al Jazeera Arabic's reputation in the Arab world and the respected acceptance of Al Jazeera English everywhere but in North America, where it continues to be blocked from airing.

The loss to Canadian viewers due to our exposure only to the protected media is considerable. For example, do you recall reading anything about this story?

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