13 February 2009

CanWest Watch! - Part Umpteen

Oooohhh, they're using the B-word now.
Debt-laden Canwest Global Communications Corp (CGS.TO), Canada's biggest media company, may face bankruptcy as the weak economy wreaks havoc on its stable of television stations and newspapers, and buyers for its assets fail to materialize.

Canwest, publisher of the National Post daily newspaper, has said it will try to exit non-core businesses and is considering the sale of five conventional TV stations. But analysts say there may not be any prospective purchasers waiting in the wings...

"They're on the verge of bankruptcy," CIBC World Markets analyst Bob Bek said of the company. "The equity has been reflecting that for some time."

Couldn't happen to a more deserving broadcaster - well, their USian cousin comes to mind but hey, this could start a domino effect!

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