01 February 2009

Anonymous Israeli source cites anonymous source

... who says that certain anonymous "senior European Union diplomats" are claiming that the behaviour of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan at Davos threatens Turkey's EU membership application.
A senior political source in Israel said that a private meeting between [Israel president Shimon] Peres and Erdogan that was scheduled to take place prior to the Davos panel they were both on was canceled at the last minute because of a Turkish request. The same source said it was probably canceled because the Turkish Prime Minister did want to give the impression that relations with Israel were business as usual.

The Foreign Ministry has learned that senior European Union diplomats were highly critical of the vociferous criticism Erdogan had leveled at Israel over the operation in Gaza and for his support of Hamas.

According to one report, senior European officials said, "Erdogan wants to be part of the European Union, but now he can forget about it."

Anyone recognize the technique? You know, spread rumour and innuendo in order to establish a desired new reality?

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