19 February 2009

Now Hiring: Acute care and social service industries

'Tis no surprise that things are booming for the professionalized needs sectors.

Of course, the acute care system is thriving. Of course, the social service sector is experiencing a boom.

This sick, capitalist society creates the conditions these industries need to sustain themselves and flourish. This society of survival-of-the-fittest doesn't believe in wiping out the conditions which make it necessary for people to access the acute care and social service industries.

Why would it? Where would the profit be in that?

The irony isn't missed by people at the lowest level of income. Everyone is expected to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, regardless of the social conditions surrounding us. And most of us do, against all odds.

But capitalism rapidly takes a turn when its failures result in massive profit losses for big corporations. THEN the plebes are expected to support the rich in yet one more way, by means of corporate welfare.

Which means we continue to bear a vastly unequal amount of society's stressors.

The circle closes. And round and round we go again.

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