06 February 2009

Social services seize child

... from a small grow-op.

This article has me seething, so much so that I can't think coherently.
A child was apprehended by [the BC] Ministry of Children and Family Development workers after Saanich police busted a small marijuana grow operation near Glanford Park. On Wednesday afternoon, Saanich police descended on a single-family home in the 600 block of Kenneth Street and found a three-room marijuana grow operation with a total of 50 plants. A 26-year-old Saanich woman and two men, aged 28 and 41, were arrested...

So what's got me boiling?

First, I object to marijuana, both its consumption and its production, being illegal. Surely it makes more sense to spend our police resources on going after the real criminals. You know, the ones who commit violence!

Second, and following upon that, I object to a child being removed because her parent(s) were summarily arrested for engaging in an activity which shouldn't be deemed a crime in the first place.

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