26 February 2009

Braidwood Taser Inquiry: It gets more and more sick

Another changed testimony. From a second RCMP officer.

Constable Bill Bentley, wearing a bulletproof vest, and armed with gun, pepper spray and baton was accompanied by three other officers. As he approached Dziekanski, Bentley thought he

seemed calm and initially co-operative, but when Const. Kwesi Millington began talking to him, "he threw up his arms and began walking away from us," Bentley said.

The officers had been warned that Dziekanski couldn't speak English.

I don't blame the man for walking away! He couldn't understand a damn thing anyone was saying and that had been the case for ten-plus hours. In his position, I'd likely have done the same thing.

Bentley took Dziekanski's body language as being defiant. "That means someone doesn't want to listen to you."

How could he listen to you, you idiot?! What was the point in hearing a bunch of noises which had no meaning to him?

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