27 February 2009

Support your Local Farmer

Food producing practices have changed drastically since the mid-1930s, having evolved from ma & pa operations into the mega Agri-business of today. The small farmer has been pushed to near extinction, with the result that the consumer has become wary of what they are eating, often wondering whether food is contaminated, cloned, genetically altered or less nutritious.
One can go vegetarian, buy organic, or avoid processed foods, but it is hard to truly avoid all of the dangers that lurk in our food. For these reasons and others, many choose to buy their food from local, sustainable farmers. But with economic trouble hitting seemingly every sector, how long will these farmers be able to hold on?

In many ways, the family farmer is an endangered species in America, made even more precious by the daily influx of bad news about food produced by the alternative -- industrialized agriculture.

There is a burgeoning movement wherein committed individuals are returning to the land to farm. From backyard enterprises to small acreages, people of all ages are intent on sustainable farming to supply clean, wholesome food for their neighbours.

Support your local farmers, pay the asking price for fresh, quality grown food and be part of the solution in sustaining our food sources.

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