15 February 2009

What the Hell are the Religionists afraid of?!

Can your 'God' not handle a little competition?

Are you so fearful of your world view being challenged that you deny others their freedom of NON religion?

And the freedom to say so? Publicly? In ad campaigns? As your religious institutions do?
The City of Ottawa has rejected a "no God" bus ad campaign, a move that organizers hope will serve as a rallying cry for proponents of free speech across the country.

"We need to get people as offended about censorship as they are by the ad," said Justin Trottier, president of the Freethought Association of Canada...

The [group] had been hoping the posters would soon plaster the sides of OC Transpo buses in Ottawa, but their advertising request was denied last week as "offensive."

"It's not the first rejection we had," Trottier said. "We got rejected in Halifax a week or two ago."


Gawd, I'm sick of religionists and their crap.

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