15 February 2009

A Personal Request

proForm exercise bike Have tried all sorts of resources - for years now - and still nothing, so am putting this request on my blog with the hope of connecting with someone who can help.

The request is going to sound frivolous unless you read further into the post.

It is simply for this: one used upright (non-elliptical) exercise bike, similar to the ProForm XP185 U pictured. I've not the means to pay for a new one, even the cheapest models which wouldn't be appropriate for me anyway. Therefore, I've posted flyers around town and used sites like Cowichan Valley Recycle and UsedCowichan.

Nothing. And I've been looking for over six years.

Why specifically an exercise bike? Why not some other exercise machine? Why not simply go jogging or walk more? Why not do yoga or pilates or ...? And what makes me think I'd use an exercise bike anyway?

I've scoliosis and problems in both hips. The right hip and leg injury happened when I was 13 years old; was hit by a car and thrown 50 yards. The result was a compound fracture of the right femur and six months of surgery and casts. Doctors feared they may not be able to save the leg.

They did; and I'm enormously grateful. However, the leg never set properly into the hip socket and is almost one inch shorter than the left leg. Ergo, I developed scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and, recently, the left hip also began grinding painfully when I walk. (It's a wonder that hip bore my unbalanced gait for four decades before protesting.)

That's why I don't walk more or jog to get the exercise I need. I've no choice but to walk to do the things that need doing. However, my days of long walks (and dancing and letter carrying - yea, I pushed it) are behind me.

Why not yoga or pilates or ...? Because they don't work for me. My mood has become closely associated with my level of cardiovascular fitness and it has been going down, down, down. I desperately need a cardio component to get the old endorphins going. Due to my physical limitations, floor exercises can't do that.

Which also answers, Why an exercise bike? Pumping bicycle pedals gets the blood pumping and increases respiration.

Why do I think I'd use an exercise bike? Because I had one for several years and used it almost every day. In fact, I came to associate feeling depressed or angry with an urge to jump on the bike - like Pavlov's dog. When I moved here I couldn't bring the bike with me.

So... Do you live in or near the Cowichan Valley? And have you an exercise bike you're not using? It needs to be a better-quality bike that is in good condition - fancy programs not required -, have a comfortable adjustable seat, to ease discomfort in the back, and a smooth ride (magnetic resistance).

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