11 February 2009

BC Housing Minister: "We have the most aggressive housing strategy in this country"

Er, no. You have the worst housing strategy in the country.

The numbers don't lie. This, no matter how much the BC government may spin the facts into an alternate reality and then try selling that to the people.

In a study done by the Wellesley Institute, whose report is about to be released, this is how BC stacks up to the rest of the provinces, in terms of amount spent on housing per capita.

Saskatchewan: $186

Newfoundland: $138

Nova Scotia: $155

Alberta: $130

New Brunswick: $96

Manitoba: $74

Quebec: $57

Ontario: $56

Prince Edward Island: $50

British Columbia: $48

Still, according to housing minister Rich Coleman, “we've done more on that particular file than any jurisdiction in Canada, and we're doing more. We have more going in the ground than anyone else in Canada and we're actually more aggressive than anyone else in Canada.”

I don't know what world he lives in, but it's certainly not mine.

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