14 February 2009

On Patriotism and Its Trappings

Iain Hunter scores some good points regarding the national anthem kerfuffle:
New Brunswick's education minister wants to make the singing of O Canada every day compulsory in all the province's schools. That'll teach [Eric] Millett something, I suppose; it won't teach the kids a thing.

In B.C. the singing of the national anthem is compulsory at assemblies, which seems a bit more reasonable. I don't imagine little Quebecers have to sing it often.

Our kids aren't kamikaze pilots heading out on suicide missions: Their true, patriot love doesn't need to be commanded so early and so often.

Far better to teach them in history class what has made their country what it is today. Far better to make them understand the unique, internal differences that a nation must overcome to survive as a nation and, perhaps, achieve greatness.

Sounds reasonable to me.

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