24 February 2009

On Taking Responsibility: Maple Leaf and listeria

I continue to be impressed with the handling by Maple Leaf CEO and president, Michael McCain, of the original listeria crisis, the subsequent settlement with those who were affected by it, and the new standards he put in place at his company.

McCain never tried to foist the responsibility onto someone else, although there were plenty of likely culprits, not least our own federal government whose function is to monitor food safety. Instead McCain took upon himself full blame for the sad events which unfolded.

Now, on learning a product shipment had not completed the company's new stringent safety controls, Maple Leaf has voluntarily recalled it.

I tell ya... If I wasn't a vegan, I'd be buying Maple Leaf meat products exclusively.

Would that other CEOs learned from Maple Leaf's top man and not be the gutless wonders and scam artists they are.

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