28 February 2009

A Bummer on the Environment

Who would have thought that the lowly toilet paper could cause such damage to our environment? The fluffy, luxurious, designer TP that is sold is derived from old growth trees.
"This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous," said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defence Council.

The processing alone adds immensely to the degradation of our planet, to say nothing about the waste systems that must contend with it after use. And Americans use far more than our share.
Americans already consume vastly more paper than any other country — about three times more per person than the average European, and 100 times more than the average person in China.

Time to clean up our act, to use less and purchase, exclusively, TP made from recycled, non-bleached paper.

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