05 April 2009

Afghan Women Choosing Exile

... rather than living under laws of the Taliban.
THE first Afghan woman to appear on television after the fall of the Taliban has fled the country, saying it is too dangerous, as her husband was shot dead outside their house. One of the country’s leading actresses, Paween [Mushtakhel] is among a number of prominent Afghan women who have been forced to leave the country in recent months. Others include a leading policewoman who received a letter from the Taliban saying she had been sentenced to death. The letter said she would be next after Malalai Kakar, head of the crimes against women unit in Kandahar, who was gunned down with her son last September.

Would be great if all the women of Afghanistan fled to exile. Not that all Afghan women have the means to follow through on such a choice. But if a vast exodus of women were to occur, perhaps the backward men of Afghanistan would think twice about valuing females less than they do their livestock.

No women? No babies. No babies? No more little boys to brainwash and little girls to rape.

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