21 April 2009

WOW. Look at those comments!

So the Globe and Mail puts out this bilge suggesting that the BC government got it wrong, that instead after the 2005 BC-STV referendum it should have:
  • ignored 58% of voters who chose in favour of BC-STV and
  • designed, in collusion with other politicos and their lathering supporters, an "alternative" electoral system to the one recommended by the BC Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform.

For one thing, the editorialists find the system "inherently bewildering."

Funny that, isn't it? One hundred and sixty randomly-selected citizens from every riding in the province had no trouble understanding BC-STV. Yet the purported brains of "Canada's national newspaper" can't manage it.

Who do you suppose has got it wrong?

Look for the answer in the comments to the article.

Those 160 BCCAER members have lots of company. Of the 56 comments so far, 54 show the commenters to have no problem understanding BC-STV. And in understanding it, they overwhelmingly endorse it.

The two comments defending the status quo are written by the same person.

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