21 April 2009

Two More Major Endorsements for BC-STV

I'm seeing a pattern. Are you? - It's citizens and their organizations vs. politicos and their puppet masters.


Canadian Taxpayers Federation and top Canadian businessman say yes to BC-STV

Vancouver, B.C. – A leading Canadian organization in the area of taxpayer’s rights and a leading Canadian businessman in the area of ethical business practices are throwing their weight behind the move to bring a fairer voting system to British Columbia. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), the national watchdog over how our tax dollars are spent, says taxpayers want politicians who are more accountable to them and not to party politics.

“STV puts voters in the driver’s seat,” says Troy Lanigan, president of the CTF and a Victoria resident. “BC-STV will deliver greater choice at the ballot box and more responsive local representation. It will mean voters can vote for someone they believe in rather than against someone they don’t out of fear of splitting the vote.”

Echoing the CTF’s endorsement of BC-STV is prominent business leader and philanthropist Stephen Jarislowsky. A director of the influential C.D. Howe Institute, Mr. Jarislowsky is the founder of Jarislowsky, Fraser, which he built into one of the largest and most successful investment management firms in Canada. He is also an outspoken proponent of ethical business practices. In 2002, he co-founded the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance which promotes good governance practices in Canadian public companies. Jarislowsky is a Companion of the Order of Canada and a Grand Officer of the National Order of Quebec. In addition, he and his wife Gail have endowed eleven university chairs in Canada to nurture excellence in leadership.

“BC-STV continues to build on a broad base of support from all walks of life and all political stripes,” says Dr. Blaize Reich, a professor in the SFU Segal Graduate School of Business. “The support of such an influential organization as the CTF and such an influential Canadian as Mr. Jarislowsky is indicative of the growing number of people demanding fairness and accountability in our electoral system.”

Last week, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), an organization dedicated to the preservation, maintenance and extension of civil liberties and human rights in Canada, added their voice to the growing list of those supporting the BC-STV electoral system. In their endorsement, the BCCLA stated that they believe that STV strikes a better balance between local representation, proportionality and voter choice than the current first-past-the-post system.

On May 12, in a province wide referendum on electoral reform, voters will have a chance to make history and change the way politicians are elected. British Columbians will choose between the current “first-past-the-post” system and the STV system that was recommended overwhelmingly by the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. In the last election, BC-STV received more votes than any political party, nearly 58 per cent. However, the referendum requires 60 per cent approval to be adopted by the government.

More information about the STV system and how British Columbians can get involved in the campaign is available at www.stv.ca or by calling 1-866-835-7612. Voters can also join the online discussion about electoral reform through the Facebook group “Yes for BC-STV” and www.twitter.com/BCSTV.


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