20 April 2009

If You're Going to Take Your Ball and Go Home Anyway

... then why not do it now and give someone else a chance at bat?

That's the question that occurred to me when I read this:
"It's quite possible I'll fold the B.C. Marijuana party and put my energy into the B.C. Greens after this election," party leader Marc Emery told The Tyee.

Emery saying this in the midst of a provincial election is like Elizabeth May's repeated comments on strategic voting during the last federal election.

It confuses supporters and volunteers; and it chases away votes from candidates working so hard, to the point of exhaustion, to represent their parties.

Really. What kind of 'leader' would do this?

To Mr. Emery, I ask:

What's the point? Why not fold up your tent now and direct supporters of the B.C. Marijuana Party to support the B.C. Greens instead, if that's what you're going to do after May 12th anyway?

ETA: From the CBC today, from the steps of the BC Legislature.

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