16 April 2009

Grassroots of All Political Parties, Listen Up!

Tired of the backroom boys - and girls - deciding the direction and leadership of your party? Want to do something about it?

Then support BC-STV!
Red Tories or SoCons? Bob Rae Liberals or Michael Ignatieff Liberals? Run both and see which candidates receive more 1s and 2s next to their names. That will send a comprehensive message to the party executives and convention delegates, won't it? (Yes, I know that BC STV would only apply on a provincial level, but it's easier for me to use Federal parties as an example.)

That was written by a social conservative.

We all want to be represented fairly, at least those among us for whom wielding power isn't our lifelong ambition.

If we get together, one person at a time, we can do something about it.

Support BC-STV. Support the push for electoral reform across the country.

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