08 April 2009

Power Up Your Vote! Video Contest Launched

Are you an aspiring videographer? Do you want to help promote BC-STV for the upcoming May 12th referendum on electoral reform?

Here are the rules:
  1. Video must not exceed 3 minutes in length or be more than 500 MB.
  2. Video must not contain any copyrighted material. That includes music.
  3. By submitting a video, you agree to have it used by Fair Voting BC and viewed by the public in an unrestricted manner until March 31, 2010. Fair Voting BC reserves the right to disqualify any material deemed unsuitable.
  4. Submission deadline: midnight APRIL 30, 2009. Enter as often as you like.
  5. You must be a legal resident of British Columbia to enter.
  6. Video must either educate the viewer about BC-STV or be supportive of BC-STV.

If you haven't the equipment or skills to create your own video, you can still participate! Vote online for your favourite videos!

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