08 April 2009

Good one, Ms. Sterk!

Can't say I've been impressed with Jane Sterk, the new leader of the BC Greens. However, given the dearth of coverage of the Greens in our Canwest-saturated media, perhaps that's not surprising.

It happens to be just such a point which Sterk raises in her letter to the editor of the Times Colonist today.
I find it breathtakingly disrespectful to the 15 per cent of people who say they support the Green Party of B.C. and the 10 per cent who vote for us that the Times Colonist would include the name of the B.C. Liberal candidate in its article on Carole James' nomination, but not list Adam Saab, the Green candidate in the Victoria Beacon Hill riding, in an April 6 article on the front page.

The Green Party of B.C. is the third party in B.C. and while the Times Colonist might be more comfortable pretending we have a two-party system because our unfair voting system leads to a two-party result, there are multiple parties running in this election, as well as independents. I encourage voters to express their distaste for an electoral system that takes some people's votes for granted and makes the votes of more than 50 per cent of the population irrelevant.

On May 12, vote for B.C.-STV (BC Single Transferable Vote). That way, the NDP and the Liberals and the mainstream media cannot ignore the fact that a majority don't vote for either one of them.

Way to go, Jane!!

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