25 April 2009

Libby Davies to Vote BC-STV

Just picked up on Twitter. Here's the source, from Libby Davies' own hand, written to her blog today:
The bottom line? People say to me - this is the best chance we have to get democratic electoral reform through, now and not in the distant future, especially as the last referendum was so close. This is a good point. Like many, I want change - progressive change - and I want to see the cynicism that people feel about politics and the political process change too. Not that STV will answer all that - it won't. But maybe it’s a first step to affirm change brought forward by citizens, not political parties.

So here I am, in answer to all the questions about my position - I can't duck it any longer. I'm voting YES to STV. I'm a bit of a reluctant comer to it and I’ve got my issues about it. But I've come to the conclusion that it’s the right thing to do.

Thank you, Ms. Davies. Your support means a lot.

Have readers been counting? That's five NDP MPs from BC who have come out in support of STV so far: Denise Savoie, Jean Crowder, Alex Atamanenko, Don Davies and now Libby Davies.

Now how 'bout those provincial NDP candidates who are running in this election? Or have they been muzzled?

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