23 April 2009

Conservation Voters of BC Endorse STV and

... "Anybody but Carole" for the riding of Victoria Beacon-Hill. To those not in the know, that's Carole James, leader of the BC NDP.
As leader, the decision to position the NDP campaign against world-leading climate policies while not putting forward improvements or better alternatives is on her shoulders. We do not endorse Carole James for re-election.

Due to the New Democrats’ failure to be leaders in promoting real solutions to global warming we cannot endorse any NDP incumbents that were members of this past caucus. We believe the party needs new leadership and new voices that take a more urgent, principled and collaborative approach to meeting the challenges of climate change.

Of BC-STV, Conservation Voters of BC say this:
Modifying the electoral system will provide increased opportunity for a multiplicity of voices in the legislature and multi-party, collaborative solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges.

Yep. Sounds about right.

Other endorsements are Damian Kettlewell (Green Party – Vancouver Falsecreek), Barry Penner (Liberal – Chilliwack-Hope), Lana Popham (NDP – Saanich-South) and Gary Holman (NDP – Saanich North and the Islands).

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