01 April 2009

G20: Crowds Storming the Banks

Wow. This is getting serious.
Protesters rallying ahead of the G20 economic summit in London smashed windows of bank buildings Wednesday as thousands gathered in the capital's financial district. Officials estimated that at least 4,000 people have jammed into the area, with many chanting "Abolish Money" as they marched down the clogged streets.

Some protesters smashed windows of the Royal Bank of Scotland, scrawled the word "thieves" on its outside and stormed inside the building....

Demonstrators hoisted effigies of the "four horsemen of the apocalypse," representing war, climate chaos, financial crimes and homelessness.

"The greed that is driving people is tearing us apart," said Steve Lamont, 45, flanked by his family and protesters who were banging on bells, playing drums and blowing whistles.

"Every job I apply for there's already 150 people who have also applied," said protester Nathan Dean, 35, who lost his information technology job three weeks ago. "I have had to sign on to the dole [welfare] for the first time in my life. You end up having to pay your mortgage on your credit card and you fall into debt twice over."

The people are angry. Yet among those still with jobs, in the banking industry no less, the sense of entitlement prevails:
Bankers were warned not to wear pinstripe suits on Wednesday and many opted for casual clothes or stayed home. But some financial workers taunted protesters from the upper level windows of area buildings and waved £10 notes at them.

Oh, way to go! Taunt the unemployed.

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