26 April 2009

Reactions to All Candidates Meeting Cowichan Valley

There was an ACM held locally on April 25th. I was unable to attend, since the venue was too far to get to on foot. So I started asking around: Did BC-STV come up? How did the candidates do generally? How were they received by the audience?

The following is the response from one person who attended the meeting.
STV did not come up ... This was an ACM for nonprofits, which was to look at how the different party platforms would help to make non profits sustainable in the long term and how to remedy the current crisis in the health, child and housing sectors.

My impressions:
... the NDP candidate Bill Routley (no relation to Doug, by the way), answered every question with a rant against the Campbell government and the money they spent on the Olympics and how they ruined the forestry industry.
... the Liberal candidate Cathy Basskin did attempt to answer some of the questions but felt compelled also to respond to Routley's rant, thus negating her credibility with the audience.
...the Refederation candidate Michial Moore is a nice guy and was clearly out of his depth.
...the Green candidate Simon Lindley answered all the questions succinctly and with facts and solutions. I was at the back of the room for part of the debate and was encouraged to see lots of heads nodding when he spoke. In my opinion Simon Lindley took the debate hands down. Some NDP supporters were overheard to say that "Bill blew it" and other undecided that they were now voting Green.

The respondent is not known to be a regular Green supporter, which makes the observations all the more interesting.

ETA - Just in from another person who attended the ACM:
I was very impressed with Simon Lindley. Best of the lot I thought. STV never came up. We weren't allowed to distribute pamphlets.

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