22 April 2009

Over 70 Leading Educators Endorse BC-STV

All cite fair and accountable government as reasons for their support

Vancouver, B.C. - An impressive list of educators and specialists in democratic reform are joining the momentum to bring a new way of voting to BC that will restore faith in the electoral process. In universities across the province, leading academics are choosing BC-STV (Single Transferable Vote) as the best way for British Columbian voters to get the MLAs they want.

"There is a remarkable level of support among political scientists at all major universities and colleges in B.C.," says Dr. Blaize Reich of the Simon Fraser University Segal Graduate School of Business. "These are the people who have dedicated their lives to understanding how democracy works and how political systems engage citizens. Their ringing endorsement of STV is in sync not only with the Citizens’ Assembly but with voters across the province who want their voices heard."

"STV will give the citizens of BC a political process that is more deliberative, inclusive, and smart," says Dr. Mark Warren, political science professor at the University of British Columbia and Merilees Chair for the Study of Democracy. "It will deliver the kind of government that a complex, growing, and sophisticated province such as BC needs and deserves."

"Under the current first-past-the-post system, a political party can win 100 percent of the power with as little as 40 per cent of the vote," says Dr. Dennis Pilon, professor of political science at the University of Victoria. "With BC-STV, voters can finally end the era of 'hold-your-nose-and-vote' and win a fair way of electing a government that truly represents the will of the popular vote."

Dr. Norman Ruff, associate professor emeritus of political science at the University of Victoria and a keen observer of B.C. politics agrees. "If you really want to put power in the hands of the individual voter and make elections candidate-based, then BC-STV is the best system. I think accountability and trust are on people’s minds. There is an argument to be made that, here and now in B.C. politics, BC-STV is worth trying."

These are four notable voices in a long list of educators and British Columbians from all walks of life who are endorsing BC-STV. See complete list of educators.

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