12 April 2009

Try Voting in a BC-STV Election

... and then watch how it works!

Granted, not all parties are likely to run as many candidates in all STV electoral districts as they are running in the 85 districts during this election.

No one knows what the parties will do if BC-STV becomes our new voting system. But that's an issue for the parties.

An electoral system is not about addressing party concerns. It's about addressing the needs of voters.

This test assumes the number of candidates that parties will run is the same as it is for the election to be decided on May 12th, when we also vote to decide between BC-STV and the current First Past The Post (FPTP) system. It also assumes no additional independents.

Still, it should give you an idea of how the process for BC-STV works.

As for me, I'm tickled pink that (so far) of the four MLAs my new STV district (Mid-Island) would elect, one is my first choice candidate!!! And two women and two men get elected!! Gender equality!

Enough with the exclamation marks. LOL.

Clearly, I've caught BC-STV fever.

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