27 April 2009

Live Webcam: Eagles' Nest, Eggs about to be Hatched

UPDATE 2: One eaglet hatched. Only a few hours old. Soooo cute. Little thing can't sit up and keeps falling over on its back or face.

UPDATE: Hornby eggs about to hatch. Chirps being heard. Eggs cracked. The Sidney eaglets are between one and three weeks old now - eldest is three, middle one hatched a couple of days later, then there's the young 'un.
Now that's prime real estate! 'Tis beautiful to watch and listen to life from an eagle's perspective. Be patient, takes a few seconds to connect to the live sights and sounds. The eagles don't leave their eggs alone for longer than a few seconds, so if you don't see one of the parents brooding, wait; you'll have the pleasure of seeing one flying in for a landing.

Third egg of Sidney family is due to hatch April 13th. Hornby eggs (two) are due to hatch April 26th.

Hornby camera - This one provides the best close-up. However, at this location, someone is in the habit of sawing dead trees all day long. Poor eagles!

Sidney camera:

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