10 April 2009

UPDATED: Want to Support BC-STV and Excellence in Independent Media?


You can do both by donating to The Tyee's fund-raising campaign aimed at presenting the most thorough provincial election coverage ever. The Tyee is asking donors to specify the election issue which they consider the most critical.

I, of course, would say (and have said, repeatedly) electoral reform! No other issue comes close: not the environment, not poverty or homelessness (and I say this as a poverty activist), not violence against women (which I and women I've known closely have experienced), not education, not corruption. And there are some eminent feminists who agree with me.

Why are we so adamant that electoral reform is THE issue? Unless voters are powered with the means to elect MLAs whose jobs depend on listening to and heeding their constituents rather than to their party bosses, little will change. VOTERS voices will continue to go unheard, our issues go unresolved.

So if you want to make this message heard by politicos LOUD and CLEAR. If you would like to support the best damn alternative news site in British Columbia, perhaps in the country, then visit The Tyee, make a donation and specify Electoral Reform and the May 12th BC-STV referendum as your number one priority.

Go! Don't wait. Donate now! Deadline: April 14.

ETA: See related, follow-up post. This has got the attention of other media outlets!

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