01 April 2009

On BC's (Now Defunct) Gag Law

... an insightful comment in an editorial of my local paper.
Bill 42 ... fails because all it really does is reduce the power of the powerful. Squashing the powerful isn't going to really make a difference here. Their voices will be heard.

If either political party really wanted to address the issue, they would instead be directing their efforts into giving more exposure to the voices of the powerless.

Draft a bill that levels the playing field by raising the bar on democracy, not lowering it.

Ironically, a few weeks ago, the View from the Left/View from the Right columns of the same paper wrote against reforming our voting system to BC-STV. One has to suppose that this was an expression of the editorial staff too, since no separate editorial addressed the issue, in order to provide 'balance'. (Unfortunately, the relevant issue is no longer online.)

Given that all the letters which followed the publishing of those columns slammed the bias contained therein and were in favour of BC-STV, perhaps this paper has had a change of heart. If not, then clearly "raising the bar on democracy" does not include fair, democratic representation for citizens.

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