12 April 2009

What an Absurd Survey!

Most Canadians believe country 'a Christian nation'. Such is the survey result and blaring headline.

Well, duh!
The survey ... found ... 58 per cent identified the country as Christian. Among those who believe in God, 61 per cent think Canada is a Christian nation, while fully 48 per cent of non-believers feel that way.

Am surprised that the result is so low. I'd have expected 80 or 90 percent, at least. But perhaps people were confused (an intended result by the survey designers?) between what they'd LIKE Canada to be versus what it IS.

Given that almost all of Canada's statutory HOLI-days are centred around Christian days of celebration, it's a no-brainer that this country was both born out of and continues in the tradition of Christianity.

I'm an atheist. I say that without any hesitation, although with a sense of despair.
Irving Hexham, a professor of religious studies at the University of Calgary, says there are many social issues that create disagreement ... but the real narrow-mindedness ... doesn't come from other faiths but rather Canadians lacking religious ties of any kind.

"It's the atheists and agnostics," says Hexham, an Anglican. "They're very intolerant of any traditional Christians, despite the fact they want tolerance for everybody else."

Uh huh.

Once the whole damned country doesn't have to dance in step with the timing and traditions of YOUR celebrations, Mr. Hexham, THEN you can talk of intolerance by non-religionists. Not before.

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