08 April 2009

Un- or Under-employed? Have a Shovel-Ready Trade?

Then get yer shovel in hand for some (temporary) employment!
Public Works Minister Christian Paradis says his department is spending $400 million over two years to repair government buildings and bridges....

"The money will go to repairing and making public buildings accessible to the handicapped and to repair four government-owned bridges....

"The government is also spending $2 million on planning for the historic Le Manege military complex."

Infrastructure. Shovel-ready projects. Traditional male jobs.

Men will gain temporary employment (not a bad thing). However, in the meantime women will see no benefit and will continue to be employed in part-time jobs which pay sub-par wages and few, if any, benefits. In other words, the "he-cession" and this "stimulus" changes nothing for the "second shift."

Since women do most of the household spending, the logic of the Conservative "stimulus" plan fails to impress.

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