24 April 2009

This Sounds Familiar - Exclusion of Leader in Debates

In a telephone interview with the Georgia Straight, deputy leader of the BC Greens, Damian Kettlewell, told the interviewer:
We’re being kept out of debates on Global TV right now, we’re being kept out of morning debates on Global News, and we’re not included on the Voice of B.C. tonight [April 23] with Vaughn Palmer.... There is a bias by some folks, and we need to change that.

Welcome to the world of Canwest Media. Voter choice be damned. Democracy be damned.

The NDP and Liberals must be happy about this situation. At least, they've not protested at the unfairness of it, unlike Liberal candidate Ron Cantelon who said he wouldn't attend a debate unless the Green candidate was included. Which rather shows up his party leader, doesn't it, one Gordon Campbell.

As for NDP leader Carole James and her purportedly inclusive party, what can one say?

Still, in terms of Greens being 'allowed' to participate in this election on an equal playing field, they aren't being shut out everywhere:
CBC's Wayne Williams, spokesperson for the upcoming leadership debate hosted by CBC, CTV, and Global, told the Straight that B.C. Green party leader Jane Sterk is scheduled to participate in the May 3 event. He said that the decision to include Sterk was based on the number of candidates the Greens are fielding and on the party's performance in the last provincial election.

A reasonable person might think such criteria would be applied by all media outlets. But that would ignore the real reason for elections: to establish governments which will bend to the whims of big business or big labour. Let the rest of us who are not represented by either of those interests be damned.

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