29 April 2009

VIDEO for BC-STV - Help Give it Air Time! - P2

UPDATE - We're close to half our goal for getting the Fair Results ad on several different television programs. Please DONATE if you haven't already. (And if you have and can manage it, donate again!)

You can help put this advertisement on the air and help reach out to voters across the province. The more people know about BC-STV, the more they like it!

Example costs to run a 30 second ad:

Local TV

Evening News in Terrace, $105
Late News in Kamloops, $135

Daytime TV

Oprah, $891
Jeopardy, $920
Dancing With the Stars in Victoria, $1320

Primetime and Playoff Advertising!

BCTV Newshour, $2,430
NHL Playoffs, $2,730

Learn more or donate to the STV campaign today!

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