23 April 2009

NDP candidates diverting from message?

Twice in two days there has been word of a NDP candidate whose message has diverted from the one issuing from Carole James.

Yesterday, during the CKNW leaders debate, a caller said NDP candidate Steve Gunner for the riding of Shuswap spoke of needing to have both a carbon tax and a cap and trade system - which suggests he disagrees with the party's Axe the Tax campaign.

Today comes a report that NDP candidate Pat Zanon, Surrey-Tynehead, isn't "sure the government’s new plan to demolish the existing Port Mann Bridge in favour of an all-new 10-lane 'super bridge' makes sense" and instead "favours a 'time out' to re-examine the Port Mann crossing." Which puts her at odds with leader Carole James who is on record as being first against, and now in favour of, the Port Mann bridge.

Either these candidates are unaware of the NDP leadership's position or they're breaking ranks and speaking for themselves. If it's the latter, good for them!

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