30 April 2009

Funnies from the Pro-FPTP Side

Can't believe some of the silly arguments being put out by the pro-FPTP camp.

I just sent the following...

In a letter to this paper (STV system isn't what people want, April 29), J Sharpe wrote "if this system was really what people wanted, then surely we would see much more support for it from mainstream parties, industry, and unions."

The "people" to which Sharpe refers vote. Mainstream parties, industry and unions do not.

The insiders and power-brokers within these large lobby groups fear losing their control over British Columbia's legislature. And while they do control it, individual citizens who aren't represented by any of these groups or British Columbians who disagree with the agenda or political direction of their industry's leaders, union bosses or party insiders, get the shaft.

As for this question, "What if I refused to make any choice but my first choice? Does that mean it is a spoiled ballot?", the answer is No.

The brochure produced by the neutral Elections BC and distributed by mail to British Columbians the last week of April make this point clear: "Voters rank as many candidates as they wish, in order of preference (1, 2, 3, etc.). At least a first choice must be indicated for the ballot to be valid."

Perhaps Sharpe got the notion of voters being forced to choose more than one candidate on a BC-STV ballot from members of the pro business-as-usual camp.

Chrystal Ocean

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