06 April 2009

Polarized Politics Show Up in the Numbers

From the 2008 financial reports submitted by the BC Liberals and NDP, British Columbians get a stark snapshot of the polarity in their politics.
Gordon Campbell's B.C. Liberal Party took in $7.9 million worth of political contributions compared to $2.9 million for Carole James' New Democratic Party....

The B.C. Liberals took in $1.9 million from individuals compared to $1 million for the NDP.

There was a big disparity in donations from corporations – the ruling party took in $4.6 million while the official opposition netted $32,100. Not surprisingly, the NDP received $624,000 from trade unions compared to a paltry $3,040 for the B.C. Liberals.

For people who don't like a forced polarity in their political choices - the Us vs Them; Labour vs Business dichotomies - these stats are all the more reason for British Columbians to reform their voting system. And we have an opportunity to do just that.

We need a far greater say in determining which CANDIDATES, not which PARTY, get to represent us in the legislature. We need more power, more choice, better representation, and candidates who are accountable more to voters than to their parties.

While BC-STV won't fix all that is wrong with our system, it will be an important, crucial step along the way. So British Columbians, on May 12th, Power Up Your Vote! Choose BC-STV in the referendum on electoral reform.

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