03 April 2009

Rocket Fuel Chemical in Baby Formula

Potentially dangerous levels of perchlorate have been found in all brands of milk-based baby formula tested in a Centers for Disease Control study.
CDC scientists tested 15 brands of infant formula and found perchlorate in all of them.... The formulas with the highest perchlorate levels are the most popular. The most contaminated brands were lactose-based as opposed to soy-based and accounted for 87% of the infant formulas on the market in 2000, the latest data available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The study points out that when perchlorate-contaminated powdered formula is mixed with water that also contains traces of the chemical, as many drinking water sources around the country do, the final concoction can become particularly harmful to babies.

The situation is worsened for people who live in or near military bases or bomb-making facilities because the perchlorate used in military arms production leaches into public water sources. The most seriously affected people in the US live in California.
The CDC study found that, hypothetically, 54% of infants consuming the perchlorate-contaminated formula would exceed EPA’s reference dose, if the formula were mixed with water containing perchlorate at 4 ppb.

Perchlorate has been found at that level in drinking water sources of at least 26 states and two territories, according to a study the CDC referenced in the report.

As far as I know Canada is not as much into the arms business. Therefore, while much of the baby formula sold here may be imported from the US, hopefully the perchlorate levels in our water do not exceed safety limits. But since so much has been kept from Canadians about the goings-on of our security and military forces, I've not a whole lot of confidence that what I know indeed reflects the fact of the matter.

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