10 April 2009

BC NDP Partisans - CUT IT OUT!

As a NON-PARTISAN, I tuned into Joe Easingwood's program on CFAX a short time ago to listen to Green Party leader Jane Sterk.

The topic was NDP complaints about Greens running candidates in this election - which the NDP complains about EVERY election. According to these partisans, the Greens "have no chance of winning" and "are hurting" NDP chances to form the new government. By insisting on running candidates, the Greens are "splitting the left."

Callers to the program reiterated, loudly and with an astonishing sense of entitlement, the same arguments.

This is what I wrote in an email to Joe Easingwood:
If Simon Lindley, the Green candidate in my riding, were not running in this election, I would vote for NO ONE. Instead, I'd reject my ballot.

The NDP, and certainly their candidate here, do not represent my values. Neither do the Liberals. And it's insulting to Green supporters to be told that the Green Party shouldn't run candidates because they block the NDP from winning.

Well, too bad! Parties have to EARN votes. They're not entitled to them.

My riding's NDP candidate, Bill Routley, has rubbed many people in this community the wrong way, including typically ardent NDP supporters. For example, he has run roughshod over grassroots initiatives. Which supports rumours of his candidacy having been rushed through, bully fashion, and other nominees being treated unfairly.

No doubt he'll win the riding anyway, given he was the longtime president of the local branch of the United Steelworkers, but his manner has done little to win him new friends and caused him to lose others.

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